Get Your Weight Loss Companion

You have been looking at yourself in front of a full body mirror and you have realized that you got bigger. Again. This is not the type of body you had in mind. Your body just made it clear that you have to take action or else you might end up staring blankly in the air and ask yourself, "What the heck happened?" You told yourself, "I need to go on a diet." Oh wait, you have already said that to yourself about a month ago. No. Wrong. You have told that to yourself over and over again, about a thousand times for the past few years.

You are always making your way out of it saying. "I'm too tired," "I'm going to do that tomorrow," and tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. You keep ...

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MyAkuna Travel Incentive Program

Having the capacity to refresh your mind and unwind from all the concerns consuming your body is really a luxury yet a necessity. Traveling is one sure way to get away from stress as well as strengthen your bond with your loved ones. Traveling gives us a wider perspective of life because of the unique experiences it offers and the many different people we get to meet. Who would not want to appreciate the beautiful sites and get back to nature anyway? Who would not want to relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy every moment of your life?

Despite its many benefits, not everyone gets the opportunity to travel because it can be really costly. This is the very reason why myAkuna came up with its Travel Incentive Program. We value our business partners' happiness and satisfaction in life that we offer an all-expense paid travel ...

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Aging Gracefully: Is it too good to be true?

Many people are afraid of aging. They dread the internal and external effects of it that they try to find a way to fight aging. The internal effects refer to the degradation of our internal organs to perform its tasks in keeping the bodies able and healthy. When people grow old, the immune system weakens which allows the diseases to penetrate the body. On the other hand, external effects are those physical effects on the body, such as having wrinkled skin all over, dark skin spots, soggy eyes, and so much more. For some, they fear the external effects than the internal because of how they value their physique.

Let's face it. Almost everybody, if not entirely everyone, wants to retain their youthful glow. Who would not want to have a supple, glowing skin, a skintight young-looking face, and a well-abled body ...

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Introducing MyAkuna Car Program

Have you ever dreamt of sitting in your own nice comfortable car and driving it to anywhere you want, along with your family? You might have always imagined the color and style of your dream car, which will be perfect for your weekend getaway. Go ahead. It is not bad to wish for something that you will want to have in the future. Besides, it is by aiming for those wishes that we feel passionate and by completing those goals that we feel accomplished in our lives. Moreover, it energizes us to bring our goals to another whole new level.

However, achieving your life goals can be a little tricky as some other things might get in the way. It is not easy to provide the basic necessities in life given that the price of everything goes up without your salary keeping up. Given the price...

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Stop your Constipation with One Solution

It's a beautiful day today. You look outside your window and felt the recharging radiance of the sun that gently embraces your body. The weather is not too cold nor too hot. You think it's a perfect day for your family to go on a sudden trip. They'll love it, you think. Besides, it's not every day that you have free time and the weather is perfect at the same time, anyway. You decided to go for it then.

Now you're all set. Everybody's excited as much as you are. It has been a long time, ever since you went for a trip like this. You are about to step out of your front door, and oops! You unexpectedly felt this uneasy feeling in your stomach. You remembered that you have not passed stools for three days now. It has been months ...

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