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MyAkuna Travel Incentive Program

Having the capacity to refresh your mind and unwind from all the concerns consuming your body is really a luxury yet a necessity. Traveling is one sure way to get away from stress as well as strengthen your bond with your loved ones. Traveling gives us a wider perspective of life because of the unique experiences it offers and the many different people we get to meet. Who would not want to appreciate the beautiful sites and get back to nature anyway? Who would not want to relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy every moment of your life?

Despite its many benefits, not everyone gets the opportunity to travel because it can be really costly. This is the very reason why myAkuna came up with its Travel Incentive Program. We value our business partners' happiness and satisfaction in life that we offer an all-expense paid travel ...

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Introducing MyAkuna Car Program

Have you ever dreamt of sitting in your own nice comfortable car and driving it to anywhere you want, along with your family? You might have always imagined the color and style of your dream car, which will be perfect for your weekend getaway. Go ahead. It is not bad to wish for something that you will want to have in the future. Besides, it is by aiming for those wishes that we feel passionate and by completing those goals that we feel accomplished in our lives. Moreover, it energizes us to bring our goals to another whole new level.

However, achieving your life goals can be a little tricky as some other things might get in the way. It is not easy to provide the basic necessities in life given that the price of everything goes up without your salary keeping up. Given the price...

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myAkuna Ready-made Business: The business that fits you

Most of us were raised believing that the only thing to help us succeed and be financially stable is to study hard and work even harder. While this is true in some aspects, unfortunately, this type of thinking will only trap us to run in a "rat race".

Robert Kiyosaki, a renowned financial educator, and businessman, explained in his book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad that a "rat race" is where most poor people get trapped in. It is a cycle where you work hard to earn money and end up losing all your hard-earned money by paying bills and other needs. You keep on repeating this cycle, even working your hardest to earn more for your family, but in the end, you find yourself sitting in a rocking chair, waiting for your pension, which is not even enough to cover your medical bill...

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Exploring the Road to Direct Selling

Direct Selling is one of the biggest growing industry globally. It greatly appeals to consumers because the products are introduced to them in person by a direct seller and their purchases are delivered to their home. Additionally, it offers flexible payment methods along with the convenience of acquiring a chosen product. While it is enticing to consumers, direct selling also attracts many prospective direct sellers and with the number of different direct selling companies, choosing one that will suit you can be confusing.

Direct selling offers additional income for people with day jobs as well as for stay-at-home individuals. On top of that, only a small capital is needed to start earning from this business and without any operational costs such as putting up an a...

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