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Introducing MyAkuna Car Program

Have you ever dreamt of sitting in your own nice comfortable car and driving it to anywhere you want, along with your family? You might have always imagined the color and style of your dream car, which will be perfect for your weekend getaway. Go ahead. It is not bad to wish for something that you will want to have in the future. Besides, it is by aiming for those wishes that we feel passionate and by completing those goals that we feel accomplished in our lives. Moreover, it energizes us to bring our goals to another whole new level.


However, achieving your life goals can be a little tricky as some other things might get in the way. It is not easy to provide the basic necessities in life given that the price of everything goes up without your salary keeping up. Given the price of some cars, it would be really difficult to purchase one while financially supporting a family. But what if there is a chance that you can do both at the same time? Would you grab the rare opportunity?


 Here at myAkuna, we value giving our business partners a richer, better, and happier life by helping them achieve their goals. We understand how owning a car is nowadays a necessity, especially in this field of business where you must have the convenience of transportation instead of relying in the public transportation alone. Hence, we created the myAkuna Car Program.


Getting your Own Car


Unlike other car programs, being qualified for the myAkuna Car Program is not only open for top business builders, but for every myAkuna business partners who wants to achieve their dream car with myAkuna. These qualified business partners can save up for their down payment without shedding a single centavo from their own pockets, including their monthly amortization. Just by achieving the monthly requirement, myAkuna will take care of your monthly amortization until everything is fully paid and your dream car becomes all yours.


On top of that, you can still achieve your monthly bonus commission aside from fulfilling your dream car. This is what it means to be a myAkuna business partner. This is what it means to have the myAkuna Difference in your life.