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myAkuna Ready-made Business: The business that fits you

Most of us were raised believing that the only thing to help us succeed and be financially stable is to study hard and work even harder. While this is true in some aspects, unfortunately, this type of thinking will only trap us to run in a "rat race".

Robert Kiyosaki, a renowned financial educator, and businessman, explained in his book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad that a "rat race" is where most poor people get trapped in. It is a cycle where you work hard to earn money and end up losing all your hard-earned money by paying bills and other needs. You keep on repeating this cycle, even working your hardest to earn more for your family, but in the end, you find yourself sitting in a rocking chair, waiting for your pension, which is not even enough to cover your medical bills, and wondering what you have done wrong to deserve a life with financial burdens.

 It is a good thing that you are not at the end of the road yet. You can still change the way you earn money and spend more of your time with your family instead of just wasting it on things that matter less. Just remember, working hard is not the answer. Working smart is. While your current day job can still be your primary source of income, it is noteworthy that you cannot rely on it forever. You have to act now while you still can, young and able to invest in something that can help you earn more.


Invest in a business where you'll grow

Owning a business is a proven effective way to get you out of the "rat race". However, there are many businesses to choose from and each has its own complexity that one must understand to be successful in. Otherwise, you will just end up failing and losing the money you have worked hard for.

 You might probably be thinking of starting a business in line with your passion. A clothing store or restaurant perhaps? Or maybe it is in the field of producing supplies of crops or any raw materials for the market. No matter what it is, we commend you for taking the initiative of changing your livelihood. Unfortunately, this type of business will not work if you plan to retain your day job. This requires too much work and research to be able to put up this venture and start earning from it. Also, statistics show that almost more than half of the start-up ventures in different industry don't make it long in the business, and even 25% of it fails in the first year of operation (

 Another option you might be looking at is to franchise a proven business product or service. While this is recommended to minimize the risk of failing, most of it requires a huge amount of money to procure and sustain it. Also, one has to pay close attention to every aspect of it to make sure that it is running smoothly and with a reasonable return of income.

 Looking for a business that will fit your budget and your time might be difficult, but there is an opportunity for you to meet both. myAkuna gives you ready-made business with proven effective products and proven business system.


The road to success with myAkuna Ready-made Business

myAkuna Ready-made Business offers a business that requires small capital and reasonable investment of time. While you can still continue earning from your day job, myAkuna Ready-made Business gives you additional income and more opportunities to expand your business. It has a proven effective product, the myAlveo Superfoods health drink, that has helped many individuals to improve their health condition and prevent diseases caused by stress and aging.

 You might be a bit hesitant of this business venture, but we understand that you just want to be 100% sure it is the right one for you. Here are the reasons why myAkuna Ready-made Business is right for you:

Effective product

While most businesses offer products that require a long time of usage to be proven effective, myAlveo Superfoods only requires a few weeks to a month for you to experience the difference in your body. Try it for yourself to be convinced of the myAkuna difference that we are proud of.


In-demand product

Degradation of health is inevitable, especially when people age. Because of the changing environment, more and more people start to get sick even at a young age, resulting in the rising need of health and wellness products. While maintaining a good health is important for most of us, it is the quality of lifestyle that myAlveo Superfoods gives to people who drink it. You have a great advantage with this food supplement as it is organic as well as tried and tested. In fact, this has already grown into a multi-million dollar business in the countries where it is offered.


Proven business model

As it is already a successful business, you can trust us that you will succeed as well. We have a simple business model of just sharing an effective health product and earn from it. You can even do this while you are doing your day job or having your usual weekend. Not only that, myAkuna also provides assistance through training and seminar where we help all of our ambassadors to improve their earnings while experiencing personal development. While you do your own thing of pitching the product to your families and friends, we also help you with our marketing and technical support team.


 Hassle-free business with low capital

Starting a business that does not require much capital for operating costs is indeed rare, especially when it is a proven business where you can grow. Entering myAkuna Ready-made Business does not require too much waste of time as you will not need any business registration or permits, and there is no fixed operating cost. You can build this business anywhere you want and earn from it.


Unlimited income potential

With myAkuna Ready-made Business, your earning potential is not limited to any amount. It is up to you on how you will use your time and resources to elevate your business.


Three options of making money

1.      Active or Earned Income - income from own effort

2.      Leverage Income - income from own and another people's effort

3.      Passive or Residual Income - continuous flow of income when people buy the product


More opportunities and benefits

Because myAkuna values its ambassadors, we offer commissions and incentives such as car and travel incentives on top of the monthly individual earnings. Our current ambassadors are satisfied and thankful of myAkuna as it has made a total difference in their lives. We take high regard for your time and effort in improving your life and reward you for it.


Do you want to be a part of myAkuna Ready-made Business? Feel free to contact us and start living the dream you have always wanted for yourself and for your family. With myAkuna Ready-made Business, you'll have "Live your life Healthy and Abundantly!".