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It is the season to be healthy

The days of flickering bright lights are over. Christmas decorations are packed in storage boxes and moved safely into your attic or closets. 2018 has come. The promise of new hope and new beginnings excite you, yet you feel that something inside you is holding you back. The holidays have ended, but it does not feel to be done with your body. What could possibly be wrong?

While the previous holiday season brought such joy to your heart, it can also, definitely without a doubt, bring harmful effects not just to your heart but to your whole body as well. Who could resist a slab of freshly-grilled Lechon or a chunk of fried crispy pasta served in front of you anyway? It is difficult, we understand. But high cholesterol will not care no matter how hard you try to avoid it. As long as those pieces of food went inside your body, the results of high cholesterol such as heart disease, stroke, and many other related diseases can have the chance to bombard your body. Are you prepared to fight it?

Do not let the fright of high cholesterol prevent you from enjoying a good time with your loved ones. More importantly, do not let high cholesterol rob you of your chance to improve your life and yourself this new year. Jumpstart 2017 with myAlveo Superfoods! This deliciously-flavored health drink is packed with elements proven to help you lower your cholesterol level. Ginger, cayenne, grape juice, and chromium, are just four of the multi-purpose ingredients of myAlveo Superfoods that are synergistically formulated to help your body combat higher risk of cholesterol plus all the other body deficiencies, to give you an active and healthy well-being.

Ginger, for an instance, does not only have cholesterol lowering properties, but can also decrease pain from arthritis. It is also traditionally used for dyspepsia, Gastroparesis, slow motility symptoms, constipation, and colic. So if you are having problems with your stomach, now you know the herb that can best help you in an organic and natural way. Another great milestone for ginger is that it has been found in multiple studies to be effective in treating nausea caused by seasickness, morning sickness, and chemotherapy. This can definitely alleviate some pain, especially those undergoing treatment. Ginger may be a common herb found in every kitchen, yet it's important benefits are not common knowledge to people.

Cayenne or capsicum frutescens has been medically proven to relieve discomfort in multiple ways. Traditionally, it is used for gout, arthritis, sciatica, muscle pain, and coughs. It can also be used to treat loss of appetite, dyspepsia, and diarrhea.  Studies showed that Cayenne's main component, Capsaicin, is the one responsible for reducing arthritic pain and muscular tension that can also be beneficial for the heart. It also decreases Neuropathic pain for patients with diabetes. This herb can also help you reduce nausea and vomiting.

Grape juice is indeed useful in reducing low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or what is commonly known as "bad" cholesterol as it is suggested in recent studies that red and purple grape juices can provide the same heart benefits of red wine. This also includes reducing the risk of blood clots, preventing damage to blood vessels in the heart, and help maintain a healthy blood pressure. Additionally, the grape phytochemicals, such as Resveratrol, have been positively correlated to inhibit any type of cancer, heart disease, degenerative nerve disease, viral infections, and mechanisms of Alzheimer's disease. Regular intake of natural grape juice can definitely reduce the bad effects of changing the environment and aging body.

Lastly, chromium is an important element in regulating blood glucose as well as its involvement in energy production. It is helpful for people trying to shed some body fats as it induces muscle mass production and control cravings for carbohydrates. It has been proven to support the treatment of diabetes and lipid disorders. With an adequate amount, chromium benefits high blood pressure prevention, leading to a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Christmas and New Year season will always come your way and sumptuous food for multiple numbers of days are inevitable in those occasions. The danger of high cholesterol leading to bodily problems, heart attack for an instance, is at large, especially in those times, yet it is preventable. myAlveo Superfoods has 26 herbs plus chromium, synergistically formulated to suit the needs of people living in a fast-paced environment. With proper control of food intake, enough exercise, and myAlveo Superfoods, your body will always be ready to prevent diseases that may attack anytime, anywhere