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Stop your Constipation with One Solution

It's a beautiful day today. You look outside your window and felt the recharging radiance of the sun that gently embraces your body. The weather is not too cold nor too hot. You think it's a perfect day for your family to go on a sudden trip. They'll love it, you think. Besides, it's not every day that you have free time and the weather is perfect at the same time, anyway. You decided to go for it then.


Now you're all set. Everybody's excited as much as you are. It has been a long time, ever since you went for a trip like this. You are about to step out of your front door, and oops! You unexpectedly felt this uneasy feeling in your stomach. You remembered that you have not passed stools for three days now. It has been months that you're having this digestion problem and whenever you reached a point that it will finally come out of your body, it has always been a tiring stay in the bathroom as you are pushing it with much effort. You are constipated. And it's not just for a day or two. You have been constipated often times for months now, like it has been a part of your cycle. You've been using laxatives for months as well that you felt your body has adapted to it, that's why it's not working well for you nowadays. This is bad. This is really bad. Now not only your digestive system is ruined, but your trip and your family's mood are wrecked as well.


What could you have done wrong for you to be constipated in this important day? You're thinking, it might be something you ate that could have caused this. Well, that's not entirely about that. A digestive problem is not a simple ailment that you can shake off once you're not feeling it anymore. It's a much more complicated health problem that needs to be attended before it could cause a higher toll on your body.


A lot of people are experiencing constipation from time to time and we tend to think that it can be solved by just taking laxative medicines, and poof it's gone! What we need to understand is how critical it is to have a healthy bowel movement to have fully-functional body systems. And when we talk about bowel movement, the whole digestive system, starting from when we take in food in our mouths, down to the intestines before we actually release it in the hot seat. When the digestive system is not working properly, the food we eat will not be digested the way it should be. We get constipation from dysfunctional bowel movement resulting in absence of urge to excrete waste from our body and difficulty of excretion because of hardened stools.


It is a common knowledge that our body accumulates toxins from breathing air in the environment we are in and from eating foods that are touched by these toxic chemicals. It is almost inevitable to prevent these harmful toxins from going inside our body no matter how we try to avoid it. Unfortunately, we are infiltrated. What's worst is that when we get problems with our bowel movement, these toxins inside can leak into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body. This "simple" constipation can end up affecting all the organs, hormonal glands, and tissues that are detrimental in keeping us healthy. Constipation is the source of people's foul breath, coated tongue, lack of energy, and difficulty in thinking. It can also be the reason for degenerative diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and even cancer, just because of unflushed toxins.


It's time to act on it before it's too late. Increasing fiber in our body, along with regular exercise and a healthy diet, can be our solution for having a healthy bowel movement and freeing our bodies from such toxins. Fiber can be found from fresh fruit, vegetables, and whole grains, but in most cases, it is rather impossible to gather all the food rich in fiber, as it can be costly or nowhere to be found within your area. For some, having this healthy diet is not just enough. Introducing myAlveo Superfood, a liquid supplement that is perfect not just for your constipation problem, but for other ailments as well.


You might be asking, what is it with myAlveo Superfood that is better than fiber-enriched pineapple juices or other known laxatives? For one, it is an all-natural liquid supplement that goes easy on our bodies as compared to tablets or pills that can damage the liver. Also, it is synergistically-formulated with 26 multi-functional herbs plus chromium which helps the body to do its full natural function of healing and protecting itself from different kinds of diseases. Nine of these herbs works perfect for constipation because of their laxative and calming properties. Take a good read about these multi-functional herbal plants and see why myAlveo Superfood is the right supplement for you.


In ancient China, unripe Bitter oranges were used as an herbal extract for treating constipation, improving energy, and calming nerves in cases of insomnia and shock. The Latin Americans use its leaves as a tonic and laxative, and as a sedative for insomnia and anxiety. There is almost no waste from bitter oranges because its extract and peel is for obesity as an appetite suppressant. Both its peel and flower can be used for headaches, indigestion, abdominal pain, dysenteric diarrhea, and high blood pressure.


One herb that you might find unusual in a food supplement is the Lavender. Although it is commonly used for perfumes even in ancient Greece, Persia, and Rome, it is also beneficial for digestive problems and loss of appetite because it can stimulate the production of bile. It has this anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that are tested for its effect on specific types of cancer. You can also use it as a mild sedative if you have nerve problems or insomnia. Interestingly, lavender is still used in Tibetan Buddhist medicine for treating insanity and psychoses, while in Europe and America, it is used as anxiolytic and sleep aid.


The third herb in our list is the Marshmallow plant that has demulcent, expectorant, diuretic, and emollient properties that are good for treating ailments in the lungs, urinary system, digestive system, and skin, specifically for inflammations of the mouth, gastritis, peptic ulcer, enteritis, and colitis. It can also be used for topical applications for varicose veins, ulcers, abscesses, boils, and cosmetic treatment of the skin. One can also use it as a gargle for throat and mouth ulcers, and it's totally safe for pregnant women as it can also stimulate breast milk flow. Marshmallow would be best for constipation, unstable bowel movement, and even for soothing bronchial tubes.


Cardamom is an herb grown only in southern India, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, and Central America. Because of its exclusivity, not everybody who needs it can afford it. It has been used as a digestive aid and breath freshener, because of its aromatic flavor, for centuries now. Herbalists recommend it for several health problems like indigestion, irritable bowel movement, lack of appetite, common cold, and bronchial congestion. It has been known for curing asthma and hemorrhoids in Asian medicine, while it is traditionally used for conditions like carminative, stimulant, and aphrodisiac.


Another notable herb found in myAlveo Superfood is the Chicory that contains volatile oils in its roots and is good for removing intestinal worms. While all the parts of this plant is filled with volatile oils, it is somehow concentrated in its roots. For usual usage, the roots can also be ground and use as a caffeine-free coffee substitute. You can also use it as a tonic for gallstones, gastro-enteritis, sinus problems, cuts, and bruises. It is also effective for diabetes and constipation because of the dietary fiber, called inulin, that is found in it.


I'm sure you are familiar with Ginger, but are you aware of all its herbal functions? While it is a common ingredient in cooking, extracting it to its full possibility will be very beneficial for you as it can decrease pain from arthritis, help in heart disease, and treat nausea caused by seasickness, morning sickness, and even from chemotherapy. It acts as a stimulant and carminative that is good for dyspepsia, gastroparesis, slow motility, constipation, and colic. Aside from the tea you brew to treat colds, you can also drink it as an ale or beer. In the United States, the ginger water is used to avoid heat cramps.


Malted Barley is an interesting herb especially because current studies show that it is effective against carcinogens and ocnogenes due to its lunasin, a cancer-preventive peptide. The barley is malted because research proves that it increases its folate by two to three times. Apparently, folate is a vitamin that is lacking in Western diet. Nowadays, barley is used as an energy-building food. In ancient times, gladiators consume it to gain strength and stamina, while Romans used it for boils and Greeks used it for gastrointestinal inflammation. It also appears to be crucial for having good collagen content in the body, proper development of bones, and prevention of absorbing aluminum in the gut through its silicon content.


You might know Rose Hips for removing scars, but did you know that its dried fruit is beneficial for digestive problems, urinary tract, kidney disorders, rheumatism, gout, colds, and febrile conditions. Its medicinal purposes go way back to the ancient Romans, and it has been valuable for indigenous people in America as a diet supplement and food substitute during shortages. You can take it for colds, intestinal problems like constipation, and indigestion. Aside from using as diuretic and for increasing capillary strength, it is suitable for vitamin C deficient people.


Lastly, we have the Century Plant or the Agave Americana, which has both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial components. Its nectar or syrup is sweeter than honey and has a low glycemic index, which makes a healthy substitute for sugar. Did you know that the Aztec people actually used it for treating wounds using its sap? Everything in the plant is useful because its leaves can be raw as diuretic or brewed for treating constipation and flatulence, while the roots is also brewed for arthritic joint relief.


All of these, some of which are difficult to find, can help you with your constipation not just for a day but for all your life. In fact, these are just nine of the 26 multi-functional herbs plus chromium that you can get from myAlveo Superfood. Be constipated no more! Grab your myAlveo Superfood and see the full potential of your health.