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Aging Gracefully: Is it too good to be true?

Many people are afraid of aging. They dread the internal and external effects of it that they try to find a way to fight aging. The internal effects refer to the degradation of our internal organs to perform its tasks in keeping the bodies able and healthy. When people grow old, the immune system weakens which allows the diseases to penetrate the body. On the other hand, external effects are those physical effects on the body, such as having wrinkled skin all over, dark skin spots, soggy eyes, and so much more. For some, they fear the external effects than the internal because of how they value their physique.

Let's face it. Almost everybody, if not entirely everyone, wants to retain their youthful glow. Who would not want to have a supple, glowing skin, a skintight young-looking face, and a well-abled body ...

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Stop your Constipation with One Solution

It's a beautiful day today. You look outside your window and felt the recharging radiance of the sun that gently embraces your body. The weather is not too cold nor too hot. You think it's a perfect day for your family to go on a sudden trip. They'll love it, you think. Besides, it’s not every day that you have free time and the weather is perfect at the same time, anyway. You decided to go for it then.

Now you're all set. Everybody's excited as much as you are. It has been a long time, ever since you went for a trip like this. You are about to step out of your front door, and oops! You unexpectedly felt this uneasy feeling in your stomach. You remembered that you have not passed stools for three days now. It has been months ...

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Drink myAlveo Protect your body

When you look at yourself in the mirror and scrutinize your body, you probably see a seemingly good shape. "Just about right for my age," you thought. You get sick every now and then, but you think that it is just normal for your body to break down once in a while. Besides, you have been abusing your body to do hard work for the past years --- excessive work, late night sleeps, unhealthy diet, you name it. However, your skin still seemed fine, your eyes seemed good, and every part of you seemed at a reasonable condition the way you see it. Unfortunately, there is something you cannot see --- something beyond the mirror that threatens your whole being.

Your immune system has been your body's first and foremost defense in combating diseases caused by day-to day grind. As we grow older, ...

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The Sweet Life

It's a beautiful Sunday morning and you have started your day just about right. You got up early from bed and made yourself a warm cup of coffee: one-half teaspoon of black coffee powder, three teaspoons of white sugar, and two teaspoons of creamer. Voila! It's your daily regimen of a delicious cup of warm hugs. "Best to pair it with a plate of pancakes drenched in yummy maple syrup," you thought.

By lunchtime, you and your friends decided to go out and eat in the new branch of your favorite restaurant. You've got yourself a big platter of potato and steak to fill your even bigger appetite. Oh, do not forget your all-time favored dessert: Chocolate sundae topped with caramel syrup and whipped cream! On your way home, you stopped by a coffee shop and bought yourself a large cup of Frappuccino and ...

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It is the season to be healthy

The days of flickering bright lights are over. Christmas decorations are packed in storage boxes and moved safely into your attic or closets. 2017 has come. The promise of new hope and new beginnings excite you, yet you feel that something inside you is holding you back. The holidays have ended, but it does not feel to be done with your body. What could possibly be wrong?

While the previous holiday season brought such joy to your heart, it can also, definitely without a doubt, bring harmful effects not just to your heart but to your whole body as well. Who could resist a slab of freshly-grilled Lechon or a chunk of fried crispy pasta served in front of you anyway? It is difficult, we understand. But high cholesterol will not care no matter how hard you try to avoid it. As long as those pieces of ...

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